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AIS is the leading source of bankruptcy account management products and services, performing many, if not all, bankruptcy case functions for 7 of the ten largest financial institutions in the country.

We offer a full range of cost-effective bankruptcy solutions that maximize business process performance, optimize revenue, and mitigate risk.

Industry-Leading Bankruptcy Database

The AIS management team built the first direct connection to the bankruptcy courts, creating the first comprehensive bankruptcy database of its kind. AIS is responsible for developing the three predominant bankruptcy databases used in the industry today. The third generation database, solely belonging to AIS, has proved to be significantly superior, in terms of file depth and quality of information. Today, it is the source database for the industry.

Software and Systems

AIS has developed software and systems customized for creditors' account data and bankruptcy case information. AIS manages the largest creditor account files, returning all relevant matches using its proprietary technology known as SmartMatch. Account matching is essential for safe and reliable notification, prior discharge identification and claim filing.


The management team of AIS has over 20 years of experience dedicated to bankruptcy data compilation and bankruptcy account processing. AIS is also the largest filer of bankruptcy proofs of claim in the U.S.

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