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AIS manages the bankruptcy process and people so you can focus on growing your business. For almost 20 years, AIS has developed and acquired the necessary capabilities to support our client’s information, software, loan servicing and legal needs.

Our capabilities help clients meet regulatory and legal requirements, create operational effectiveness and cost savings, improve quality and reduce cycle time.


  • Industry-Leading Public Record Databases
    We own and manage data at a fixed cost and transfer the cost advantage directly to our clients

  • Loan Servicing Technology
    We build software and smart automation that our clients do not have access to

  • Centers of Operational Excellence
    We understand legal and regulatory requirements and provide real-time dashboard with KPIs and CTQs
    so our clients always know we are delivering customer-defined quality

  • Legal Knowledge, Expertise and Infrastructure
    Preferred firm, nationwide attorney network, back-office resources, and proprietary legal technology allow us
    to provide legal support in all state and federal jurisdictions



AIS has simply taken the traditional bankruptcy servicing model seen across the industry and enhanced it. AIS sees Bankruptcy Servicing as a series of critical business processes within a legal environment.

When building our model, we included common best practices found in conventional servicing.

  • We helped build a preferred law firm and nationwide legal network to provide services and expertise
  • We incorporated attorneys at all critical points in our process
  • We enabled access to a team of onsite attorneys for expedited resolution
But first, we deployed a process engineering strategy which included...
  • Mapping out all existing processes
  • Identifying areas of risks and inefficiency
  • Creating and implementing control points
  • Monitoring and evaluating quality through visual displays



We have partnered with four of the 10 largest auto brands to provide quality bankruptcy solutions. We develop and utilize new technology to maximize performance. Our proprietary software makes bankruptcy work repeatable and removes variability.

Loan Services

  • Loan Boarding and Monitoring
  • Reaffirmation Management
  • Lease Assumptions
  • Proofs of Claim
  • Transfers of Claim
  • Amended Claims
  • Claim Objection Resolution
  • Plan Reviews
  • Requests for Notice
  • Mail Processing

Legal Support Services

  • Motion for Relief from Stay
  • Objection to Plan
  • Motion to Value/Lien Avoidance
  • Response to Objection to Proof of Claim
  • Affidavit/Pleading Management
  • Total Loss and Insurance matters
  • Substitution of Collateral
  • Motions to Redeem
  • Complaint to Discharge
  • Adversary Proceedings
  • Motions for Contempt
  • Orders to Show Cause

 Loan Servicing Software

  • DataOne - On Premise, Cloud-Ready System 
  • Proof of Claim Filing Engine
  • Tri-Packet / Statement of Intent Engine
  • Legal Online System
  • Bankrputcy Event Tracking / Queue Management
  • Tableau Reporting & Client Dashboards


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