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When it comes to managing bankruptcy mail, creditors face numerous challenges with in-house processes that create quality and cost issues. The task of sorting through thousands of bankruptcy documents, ensuring items are delivered to the right person, and then acted upon in an appropriate time-frame, can be overwhelming and a drain on operational resources. AIS Mail Processing eliminates the burdens of handling large volumes of mail by safely capturing, indexing and archiving each piece of bankruptcy correspondence for the client. AIS manages the endless paper trail and assists with the appropriate handling and disposition of bankruptcy mail so our clients can focus on mission-critical business processes.

Lower Operating Costs And Improved Performance

AIS receives and processes each piece of bankruptcy related mail, on behalf of the client. Based on client requirements, our team sorts mail into specific categories, scans and sends actionable mail to the client immediately, and disposes of any redundant mail.

  • Complementary component of AIS Store and Forward Bankruptcy Notification product
  • Offers front-end mailroom services for sorting and preparing incoming mail for scanning
  • Documents scanned into a mail repository and linked to corresponding bankruptcy case
  • Easy access to images through a dedicated client page within the AIS Online System
  • Scan and Store images include Ch13 plans, confirmation of Ch13 plans, discharge notice, dismissal notice, POC objections, & voluntary petitions
  • Scan and Forward images include correspondence related to adversary proceedings and any legal action against client

Once the scanning phase is complete, the original documents are then stored onsite in our state-of-the-art facility, returned to the client or destroyed. AIS complies with federal statutes and regulations and ensures the secure disposal of all shredded materials. Mail facility features ID badge access, perimeter monitoring, and CCTV video surveillance.

Why Clients Choose AIS


  • Resource Allocation - Allows redeployment of FTE to profitable initiatives
  • Risk Mitigation - Ensures high-priority, time-sensitive items are escalated to appropriate parties
  • System Integration - Scanned documents linked to corresponding case in AIS Online system and available for on demand viewing
  • Compliance Controls - Provides a comprehensive view of bankruptcy notice processing for QC audits, when bundled with AIS Notification solution
  • Cost Savings - Outsourcing lowers internal staffing expense


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