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AIS manages the work and people so you can focus on growing your business. For almost 20 years, AIS has developed and acquired the necessary capabilities to support our client’s information, software, loan servicing and legal needs.

We give originators, servicers, investors and law firms access to experienced, 100% colleged-educated resources that help streamline internal operations and reduce the cost of back office activities.

We couple our expert talent with proprietary data and technology solutions to reach client-desired outcomes within the tighest deadlines.

Our clients choose how much involvement they would like to have with the day-to-day activities. The model can be as limited or as robust as you wish.


We exceed the robust service levels of leading national servicers and firms. We provide various quality control functions across a number of  areas including default and loan operations.

Default Services

  • Bankruptcy and Deceased Monitoring
  • Pencil Ledgers/Loan Audits/Reconciliations
  • Proofs of Claim Prep (410A) and Filing
  • Transfers of Claim
  • Amended Claims
  • Claim Objection Resolution
  • MFR and Plan Objection Form Preparation
  • Bankruptcy Plan Reviews
  • Payment Change Notifications
  • Notice of Final Cure Response
  • Post-Petition Fee Notices
  • Requests for Notice
  • Mail Processing
  • Title Review, Analysis and Escalation
  • Title Claim Letter Preparation
  • Post-Foreclosure Deed Preparation
  • IRS Tax Lien Notice Preparation

 Loan Operations Services

  • Originations and Loan Bookings
  • Loan Assistant Document Ordering
  • Annual HELOC Credit Reviews
  • Document Loading (e.g. Post Closing Documents)
  • Property Inspections and Vendor Site Research
  • Tax Monitoring
  • Escrow Audits (Taxes and Insurance)
  • Commercial Loan Annual Audits


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