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American InfoSource (AIS) manages objections to help creditors reduce legal costs and increase operational efficiency. As the largest filer of bankruptcy proofs of claim, we understand what is required to successfully resolve an objection in a timely and economical manner. Led by a team of onsite attorneys and paralegals, AIS Objections Management offers a high-quality, low-cost solution for processing notices, determining cause, and quickly addressing any issues that may exists with a client's claim.

Your Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Solution To Handling Objections

AIS monitors for objections and correspondence that can impact a claim. AIS has built a highly-efficient process for receiving, reviewing and resolving objections.

  • Predominately managed by our onsite team of skilled and practiced paralegals
  • Handles all notices from the courts (USPS mail, FedEx, EBNs, email and phone)
  • Collects all of the requested information and documentation
  • Prepares responses and amends claims, when necessary
  • Work closely with trusted network of attorneys when local counsel is needed
  • Formulates a recommendation for best treatment

In most instances, objections are filed as a result of a perceived lack of documentation or statute of limitations issue. Other common objections include dispute of debt ownership, business debt on personal bankruptcy, late filings and duplicate claims.

AIS has worked closely with the Bankruptcy Trustee Community to clearly map out our claim filing process and address any questions Trustees may have. Through these efforts, AIS has created a positive working relationship with Trustees. Most of the time, Trustees will contact AIS prior to filing an objection. And as a result, less than 1% of our claims have received an objection, none of which were upheld.

Why Clients Choose AIS


  • Legal Expertise - Gain access to objection handling experience not available in-house
  • Risk Mitigation - Procedures ensure objections are managed in timely fashion
  • Cost Savings - Minimizes need to outsource work to local counsel
  • Process Integration - Seamlessly incorporates with AIS POC filing solution


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