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Unsecured Bankruptcy debt

For card issuers, telecommunicaton providers and utilities companies, managing bankruptcy portfolios can be a complicated and costly endeavor, draining operational resources while creating additional compliance challenges. As a result, more organizations are looking for guidance from specialty partners like American InfoSource (AIS), who is a pioneer in the bankruptcy field. AIS possesses the experience, innovative technology, and legal acumen to meet compliance objectives and increase recovery performance when processing bankruptcy accounts for unsecured creditors.

High-Quality. Low-Cost. Maximum Efficiency.

AIS provides issuers with a uniquely integrated suite of services for managing unsecured bankruptcy accounts in a safe and profitable manner. Our continual investment in information, personnel, and technology enables us to deliver the highest quality of service with the most secure and compliant platform in the industry.

As with many of our clients, it's not uncommon to find breaks or challenges in existing bankruptcy processes that create quality and costs issues. Our goal is to work alongside each of our clients to identify the root cause of these breaks and see where we can add strategies and efficiencies through automation and technology.

Our solution for servicing unsecured bankruptcy debt blends market-leading bankruptcy data, software and analytics with sophisticated servicing capabilities and sound legal guidance. Led by our management team of bankruptcy and compliance experts, AIS has successfully partnered with unsecured issuers to reduce operational expense, increase recoveries and minimize reputational risk in the bankruptcy space.

Benefits of Partnering with AIS

  • Seamless integration of data, business and legal processes
  • Provide KPI performance metrics on critical-to-quality tasks
  • Monitor regulatory changes for process enhancements
  • Enhanced compliance controls to mitigate risk

Integrating Data, Software, Business and Legal Processes 


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