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Adversary Proceeding Notification

The receipt, identification, distribution and tracking of adversary proceedings (AP) at most large financial institutions is an extremely manual, and often delayed, process. American InfoSource (AIS) Adversary Proceeding Notification proactively alerts clients electronically when an adversary proceeding is filed on any bankruptcy case in which they are listed as a creditor. This completely paperless process allows creditors to take appropriate legal action in a timely manner, reducing the risk of losing the dispute.

Compliance through Automation

AIS Adversary Proceeding Notification was developed in partnership with the Corporate Bankruptcy Office of a Top Four bank, in an effort to reduce the traditional issues and risks associated with managing adversaries. Our automated approach to adversary noticing:

  • Identifies up to 20% more adversaries prior to default judgment
  • Improves notification timing over paper adversaries by an average of two weeks
  • Relies on proprietary identification, parsing and matching logic similar to our Event Tracking solution
  • Provides an ideal solution for creditors with multiple lines of business, locations and/or branches

Customized Tracking Capabilities

Adversaries are identified, sorted and distributed in an electronic fashion that allows the client to review only those that meet certain criteria set by management. AIS will return an AP notification record to the client upon initial filing of the AP with the court, along with a global return file including all APs identified for the client on a periodic basis (weekly, daily, etc.). When available, return files will include the fields below:

  • Court Name
  • AP Case Number
  • Lead BK Case Number
  • Lead BK Chapter
  • AP Filing Date
  • AP Disposition
  • Disposition Date
  • Status Flag
  • AP Closed Date
  • AP Plaintiff
  • AP Defendant
  • AP Judge
  • AP Trustee
  • Debtor Name

Why Clients Choose AIS


  • Risk Mitigation - Reduces exposure to default judgments and prevents significant financial loss
  • Data Accuracy - Captures all adversary cases using proprietary Creditor Name Association system
  • Easy to Implement - Does not require client to place accounts for monitoring
  • Workflow Efficiency - Paperless process sends notifications electronically vs. mail


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