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Bankruptcy Event Tracking

AIS Bankruptcy Event Tracking is a component of the AIS Online system that systemically monitors bankruptcy cases allowing creditors, servicers and investors to identify, prioritize and manage urgent bankruptcy matters. On a daily basis, the system will notify clients of bankruptcy filings, monitor case dockets and push critical docket activities into client-customized work queues so the appropriate personnel can take immediate action.

The AIS Advantage

  • Cost Savings – Up to 30% cheaper than other products in the market
  • Accuracy – QC process filters out events that do not pertain to your loans
  • Customer Service – Staff readily available to customize system for optimal tracking results

Automated Case Monitoring Technology

AIS Bankruptcy Event Tracking removes the need to manually review the bankruptcy docket. Events are simply pushed into client-specific queues located in an easy-to-navigate online interface. Our automated approach to docket review:

  • Organizes critical case activity into manageable work queues
  • Enables immediate access to case information, dockets and documents
  • Brings visibility and controls to a traditionally complex, high-risk process
  • Provides dashboard, automated and on-demand reporting

Highly-Customizable to Support Your Specific Business Needs

AIS can customize the interface, key word criteria and event tracking methodology to meet specific client requirements. You can choose to track a variety of bankruptcy-related events, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Meeting of Creditors
  • Plan Filings, Confirmations & Amendments
  • Stay Matters
  • Cure Matters
  • Objections & Responses
  • Sanctions
  • Adversaries
  • Notices
  • Motions & Orders
  • Statements of Intent
  • Reaffirmations & Redemptions
  • Reinstatements
  • Schedules
  • Lien Avoidance or Lien Stripping
  • Termination Events

Full event menu available upon request.

Risk-Free Pilot Program – Try Us Out 

Following a live demo of the Event Tracking product, AIS can offer a 30-Day Pilot Program for those companies who are interested in further evaluation. AIS will:


  • Obtain a sample of 1,000 accounts from creditor/servicer to monitor for 30 days
  • Assign a dedicated IS support resource to the project for the life of the pilot
  • Hold bi-weekly calls with creditor/servicer to discuss analysis and feedback
  • Provide creditor/servicer access to demo site with live data so they can better understand the system during the pilot
  • Collect feedback on system enhancements and offer to incorporate critical changes, if beneficial to both parties, prior to going live


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