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Bankruptcy Event Tracking

American InfoSource (AIS) Bankruptcy Event Tracking alerts client electronically when an event has taken place, within any bankruptcy case, concerning a specified client account. Utilizing its direct connection to the bankruptcy court system and advanced data matching technology, AIS will monitor a set of accounts on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis for client-specified events and notify clients electronically for all requested event matches.

Automated Case Monitoring Technology

AIS Bankruptcy Event Tracking was developed in partnership with the Corporate Bankruptcy Office of a Top Three bank, in an effort to eliminate the common challenges and risks associated with traditional case monitoring practices. Our automated approach to event tracking:

  • Minimizes manual review of the bankruptcy docket
  • Transmits real-time changes in case information in a variety of file formats
  • Generates significant efficiency gains and improves compliance
  • Scrubs for specific events (i.e. notice to amend plan) or general event categories (i.e. all notices)

Industry's Most Detailed Event Menu

AIS can search for any event that's critical to your organization. You can choose to track a variety of bankruptcy-related events including:

  • 341 Meetings
  • Plans & Plan Amendments
  • Objections
  • Reaffirmations
  • Schedules
  • Stay Items/Matters
  • Transfers
  • Dismissals and Discharges
  • Motions
  • Lien Avoidance or Lien Stripping
  • Statements of Intent
  • Orders
  • Plan Confirmations
  • Redemptions
  • Reinstatements
  • Reopen
  • Repeat Filers
  • Termination Events
  • Transfer of Claim
  • Trustee Reports

Full event menu available upon request.

Why Clients Choose AIS

  • Cost Savings - Lowers labor costs by reducing FTE dedicated to manual case investigation
  • Data Matching - Eliminates false positives with proprietary Creditor Name Association system
  • Compliance Controls - Escalates high-priority, time-sensitive items to appropriate parties
  • Data Integration - Maps to client's bankruptcy, collection and/or host system
  • Customized File Delivery - Tailors output data to meet specific needs of each client
  • Document Viewing - Connects to AIS Online system for additional case research


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