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Bankruptcy monitoring & Notification

AIS Bankruptcy Monitoring & Notification delivers automated, electronic notifications for any of your accounts that have filed for bankruptcy, along with updates on all relevant bankruptcy events. This proactive approach to account statusing removes the risk of bankruptcy stay violations, often resulting from missed notifications or erroneous data. The automated nature of our solution eliminates the operational costs and complexities associated with the manual processing of paper notices.

Automation That Keeps You Compliant 

AIS leverages its industry-preferred bankruptcy database to provide electronic notification of bankruptcy filings. All key base notifications (Petition, Discharge, Dismissal, Close, Termination, Transfer, Re-open, Conversion) are returned, in addition to free updates (Attorney, 341 and Trustee). The process returns up to 99 fields of case information per notification, each updated with the most current status.

Our "Store and Forward" service allows clients to transmit a portfolio file of accounts to be housed at AIS. Those individual files are monitored daily to identify specified notification events. A predefined, consistent return file is sent to the creditor on a daily basis.

  • Account number included with all notices
  • 10-12% lift over paper notifications or EBN
  • Significantly reduces days to notification averages
  • Combine with EBN to achieve a "best of both worlds" process

Creditors with smaller portfolios may utilize a Merge Purge process in which clients send a file containing account information to be scrubbed against the AIS bankruptcy database. With a Merge Purge, account information is not retained and clients can choose which notifications to receive and how often they want this performed.

The Advantage of SmartMatch Technology

AIS has an unprecedented degree of confidence in matching our bankruptcy data to your accounts. AIS SmartMatch accurately captures previously unobtainable matches by more closely mimicking the decision processes a human would make when discerning a match. Utilizing the enhanced logic, rules, and quality controls developed by AIS, SmartMatch provides the most intelligent match results available.

  • Minimizes false positive hit rates
  • Looks at each record as a whole to determine match potential
  • Evaluates every field in a record against our data and applies a weighted score
  • Reduces false positives resulting from traditional matching algorithms used by competitors in the industry
  • Key factor in reducing clients' manual review rate by 70%

What Sets AIS Apart?

Over the years, the AIS data management team has worked extensively to enhance the bankruptcy information it provides to its clients. As a result, our processes have proven to produce the highest quality of data available in the market today.

  • Appends bankruptcy data with critical public record information
  • Provides full social security number and debtor address history
  • Undergoes 194 quality and business rule checks that each case must meet, in addition to the base checks completed during processing
  • Flags case for manual review if a case does not meet AIS standards
  • Works directly with court personnel to correct, in an expedient fashion, errors or omissions in the raw data from the courts


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