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Enhanced EBN Processing

American InfoSource (AIS) manages Electronic Bankruptcy Notification (EBN) to help creditors reduce the high cost of manually processing bankruptcy notices. Our automated, proprietary EBN platform is linked to the national Bankruptcy Notification Center for electronic delivery of new filings, conversions, dismissals, discharges, and updates as they happen.

Bankruptcy Noticing That's Automated And Actionable

After obtaining authorization from the client, American InfoSource will receive and process their EDI-EBN feed from the Bankruptcy Notification Center. By processing the client's EDI-EBN feed, AIS can parse the appropriate information from the EDI record, match that record with an existing record in our bankruptcy database, and provide standardized bankruptcy data back to the client in excess of what information is provided by EDI alone.

  • Delivers critical bankruptcy information in an actionable manner
  • Includes full social security numbers when available
  • Contains dismissal dates when available
  • Provides adequate suppression of duplicative / irrelevant notices
  • Tailors output file to meet specific needs of each client
  • Return file includes a full case record (both debtors, attorney, trustee, court info, etc.)
  • Complementary component of AIS Store and Forward Bankruptcy Notification product

Each day, AIS transfers bankruptcy notifications and updates electronically, making the data available to clients for coding accounts. Standard notice types include Notice of Petition, Dismissal, Discharge, Conversion, Proof of Claim Date, Last Day to Object, and Confirmation Hearing. Updates are automatically fed to the client so the accounts are always current with court records.

Why Clients Choose AIS


  • Resource Allocation - Allows redeployment of FTE to profitable initiatives
  • Depth of Information - Data enhancement capabilities superior to standard EDI-EBN
  • Cost Savings - Automated procedures reduce manual processing expense
  • Compliance - Decreases human error/quality control issues associated with manually processing bankruptcy notices


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