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AIS Sentry - Bankruptcy Case Management System

Oversight, controls, information, tracking, accuracy, decision-making, timing. All are critical components of effective bankruptcy account management. Today, no single tool in the marketplace comes close to addressing all of the above - both from an operational and compliance standpoint - like AIS Sentry.

A Single, Comprehensive Platform for Managing Bankruptcy Portfolios 

The AIS Sentry case management system is a proactive, robust solution for accessing and managing all of your bankruptcy-related data and account activities.

AIS Sentry seamlessly integrates data from external sources (bankruptcy courts, trustees, debtor attorneys) with information that resides in the lender's host system so that no supplemental tools or systems are required.

This proprietary software is highly-automated, minimizing staff decision points and information validation and mitigating common risks associated with bankruptcy portfolio management.

  • Accepts and collectively integrates multiple input files: bankruptcy notification, event tracking, adversary tracking, NDC, NADA, Trustee, Lender Host System and Collection System
  • Role-based security and rules
  • Event-based capability to direct individual team member work priorities
  • Automated POC filing capability
  • Document management functionality
  • Bankruptcy plan analysis mechanism
  • Payment processing and dual ledger payment tracking system capabilities -- payments, interest and fees, both pre- and post-petition
  • Dashboard reporting provides up-to-the-minute statuses on critical-to-quality metrics

Reducing Exposure and Protecting Your Brand

There has never been a greater spotlight on the compliance side of the industry -- especially in terms of secured bankruptcy servicing.

AIS Sentry tracks parameters and requirements between bankruptcy courts, judges, and trustees, including the ever-changing guidelines for Chapter 13 plan collateral values and interest rates.

The attention to court-level parameters helps to safeguard the lender against violations of the law. The ability to have such detail readily available on a case allows AIS Sentry to drive the case forward, watching for exceptions that require attention, and maximizing recoveries.

  • Manager tool to create and set bankruptcy/compliance parameters
  • Individual bankruptcy claim analysis mechanism
  • Bankruptcy issue/problem flags throughout system


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