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Bankruptcy Pre-Sale Data Scrub

AIS Bankruptcy Pre-Sale Data Scrub gives clients the current status of their bankruptcy portfolio, prior to sale. We utilize an industry-first process that meets credit bureau compliance.

Clients simply deliver a file containing account information to be scrubbed against our proprietary bankruptcy database. Account information is not retained and the client chooses which notifications and updates they would like to receive.

Complete and Dependable Data

AIS' industry-preferred bankruptcy database contains an incomparable breadth of information, proving to be significantly superior to others in the market, in terms of file depth and quality. Updated daily, the AIS bankruptcy database utilizes a direct connection to the Federal Bankruptcy Court System to retrieve all new filings, updates to cases in progress, as well as claims register and creditor matrix data. Simply put, AIS collects all available information for every case dating back to 1948. When performing bankruptcy scrubs, AIS uses a batch process to deliver critical case information including, but not limited to, current status, key dates, court location, chapter, primary/secondary debtor and trustee.

The Advantage of SmartMatch Technology

AIS has an unprecedented degree of confidence in matching ourn bankruptcy data to your accounts. AIS SmartMatch accurately captures previously unobtainable matches by more closely mimicking the decision processes a human would make when discerning a match. Utilizing the enhanced logic, rules, and quality controls developed by AIS, SmartMatch provides the most intelligent match results available.

  • Looks at each record as a whole to determine match potential
  • Evaluates every field in a record against our data and applies a weighted score
  • Reduces false positives resulting from traditional matching algorithms used by competitors in the industry
  • Key factor in reducing clients' manual review rate by 70%

Why Clients Choose AIS

  • Data Accuracy - Minimizes false positive hit rates with proprietary matching logic
  • Risk Mitigation - Refreshes account information so it's up-to-date and compliant with federal regulations
  • Specialized Processing - System allows for flexible file formatting and fast, secure file delivery


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