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Regardless of what you or your organization thinks about debt settlement, incorporating strategies that address this population of accounts will impact your recovery rate and costs.

AIS seeks to provide the financial industry with the data, software and services necessary for managing the population of debt settlement accounts that reside in creditors’ existing portfolios.

Financial institutions might choose to:


  • Utilize AIS Debt Settlement Exchange software
    A comprehensive, interactive electronic debt settlement system that allows creditors to identify highly-recoverable settlement opportunities and facilitate settlements with debt settlement agencies (DSAs).

  • Routinely scrub and place debt settlement accounts with AIS for resolution
    This can be done pre-write-off to reduce losses, in an expedited manner to increase recoveries at a lower rate than what is typically paid to a collection organization, or simply to reduce internal costs while AIS does the heavy lifting.

  • Perform a pre-sale scrub to either sell or service this population of accounts
    Debt settlement accounts attain higher rates than what might be expected in the general sale.

  • Scrub accounts in the processing waterfall, prior to forwarding for legal
    Debt Settlement, in most cases, will provide higher returns at less cost than a legal strategy.

  • Apply pre-delinquency scrubs as a leading indicator for delinquency and future write-offs
    Large issuers carry debt settlement consumers in their performing portfolio and AIS can show you where.

If your organization chooses to address this population of accounts in your portfolio, AIS can provide tools that allow credit issuers and debt buyers to focus on the more difficult collection populations and reduce costs for these debt settlement accounts.

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