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American InfoSource (AIS) Debt Settlement Exchange is a comprehensive, interactive electronic debt settlement system that allows creditors to facilitate settlements with debt settlement agencies (DSAs) in a low-risk and high-performance environment. Utilizing our core competencies of risk management, data analytics, process design, and programming, AIS has developed the ultimate debt settlement solution for exceeding recovery goals and growing business profitability and performance. Our custom software ensures accurate account matching, Power of Attorney validation and sequential processing to mitigate risk.

Fast, Secure Arms-Length Transactions

The AIS Debt Settlement Exchange scrubs creditor portfolios to identify highly-recoverable settlement opportunities with debtors enrolled in Debt Settlement Programs. The interactive software enables creditors to then negotiate using customized settlement thresholds.

  • Complete end-to-end settlement process
  • Seamlessly settle accounts with minimal human interaction
  • Database continuously updated with accounts from over 400 DSCs
  • Superior matching logic maximizes settlement opportunities
  • Includes account-level or variable settlement terms depending on balance, duration of settlement and settlement percentage
  • Requires DSCs to upload Power of Attorney for review and approval
  • Client-specific letter generation capabilities to consummate settlement agreements

Unrivaled Commitment to Brand Protection

AIS touts one of the most secure and compliant platforms in the industry. We are proud of our auditing and compliance accomplishments and confident in our ability to surpass the brand protection expectations of our clients. Our user-friendly portal provides the financial industry with a safe and sound solution for efficiently managing debt settlement programs.

  • Files uploaded through secure, encrypted channels
  • Design linked to the elevated scrutiny of financial services industry
  • System features Power of Attorney verification
  • Ensures compliance with FDCPA regulations
  • SOC II and PCI-Compliant operations

Why Clients Choose AIS

  • Sequential Processing - Tracks every step and interaction from account creation to settlement completion
  • Compliance Controls - Power of Attorney verification dramatically limits risk exposure
  • System Flexibility - Highly scalable with adjustable settlement thresholds
  • Customized Reporting - Real-time account updates to quickly gauge strategy effectiveness 



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