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AIS brings a comprehensive, brand-conscious approach to deceased account management. We provide a full range of database-driven estate solutions that simplify the recovery process, mitigate reputational risk and elevate returns from this channel.

Partnering with a trusted and experienced servicer like AIS brings financial, operational and reputational benefit to your organization. AIS proudly supports the banking, credit card, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, and utilities industries, as well as debt buying community.

Deceased and Probate Data Authorities

AIS tracks deceased and probate activity unlike any other provider. We have re-engineered our deceased data collection process and developed an improved alternative to the eroding Death Master file. Using proactive, in-person data collection practices and exclusive data-enhancing technology, AIS has built the most comprehensive probate database in the market.

Best-in-Class Servicing

AIS has developed a consolidated and integrated process focused on the entire life cycle of a deceased account. AIS specializes in identifying deceased accounts, detecting and servicing probated estates, and optimizing non-probate recoveries with a passionate, non-threatening solution. Our estate strategies and solutions provide consistent account treatment across the entire portfolio, visibility and insight into critical-to-quality tasks, and enhanced compliance controls to mitigate risk.

Commitment to Brand Protection

AIS touts one of the most secure and compliant estates operations in the industry. We are proud of our auditing and compliance accomplishments and confident in our ability to surpass the brand protection expectations of our clients.

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