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For issuers, managing deceased accounts can be a complicated endeavor, exhausting operational resources and generating compliance challenges in a turbulent regulatory environment. Consequently, more financial institutions are turning to specialty partners like American InfoSource (AIS) for guidance on estate recovery strategies. With a comprehensive, brand conscious approach to deceased account management, AIS possesses the experience, innovative technology, and legal acumen to meet compliance objectives and increase recovery performance.

Full Service. Database Driven. Brand Protected

AIS specializes in identifying deceased accounts, detecting and servicing probated estates, and optimizing non-probate recoveries with a passionate, non-threatening solution.

As with many of our clients, it's not uncommon to find breaks or challenges in existing estate processes that create quality and cost issues. Our goal is to work alongside you and your team to detect the root cause of these breaks and identify where we can add strategies and efficiencies through automation and technology.

With market-leading data, state-of-the-art systems and supreme legal expertise, we are able to deliver the most compliant and profitable estate recovery solution in the industry. Each component of our process is designed to surpass the brand protection expectations of our clients.

Benefits of Partnering with AIS

  • Creates playbook for consistent account treatment across portfolio
  • Best-in-class databases for tracking deceased and probate activity
  • Visibility and insight into critical-to-quality tasks
  • Designs SLAs in concert with your team
  • Enhanced compliance controls to mitigate risk

Comprehensive and Brand-Conscious Estate Recovery Strategies

To help your organization maximize its overall portfolio recovery, AIS has developed an integrated process focused on the entire life cycle of a deceased account.

Deceased Notificaton and Statusing

  • Robust notification process will maximize acceptable recoveries
  • Proprietary database is an improved alternative to eroding Death Master file
  • Identify deceased accounts through daily scrub of client portfolio
  • Capture inbound notification activity (calls, letters) from decedent family members
  • Accounts placed and boarded immediately upon notification of death

Letter Campaign Management

  • Direct mail strategy and skip tracing to drive inbound call activity
  • Initial Letter - Dunning Notice / Condolence / Balance / Request for Information
  • Month 3 - Settlement Letter
  • Month 6 - Close back to client if no open probate and no resolution

Probate Claims Administration

  • Proprietary database acts as a "mirror image" of the probate court system
  • Monitor and perform routine scrubs of client portfolio to identify all probate matches
  • Drive more estates to pay, and typically, at a higher rate
  • Systematically generate claim form and confirm county-specific filing requirements are met
  • File claims prior to mandatory deadlines, track for disallowances and executor payments
  • Deploy proprietary follow-up techniques to facilitate claim payments
  • Overcome common legal obstacles that negatively impact liquidation

Inbound Call Support

  • Mitigate risk by centralizing associates that are dealing with decedent family members
  • Handle warm call transfers from client, as well as return calls from direct mail campaigns
  • Promote high-quality customer experience built on kindness and empathy

Reporting and Analytics

  • Provide KPI performance metrics on critical-to-quality tasks
  • Generate daily/weekly/monthly reporting




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