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Deceased monitoring & Notification

AIS Deceased Monitoring & Notification utilizes market-leading data and sophisticated matching logic to help clients confidently identify deceased activity in their portfolios. This deceased data solution allows for appropriate account treatment and ensures compliance and mitigates risk exposure.

Our "Store and Forward"service allows clients to transmit a portfolio file of accounts to be housed at AIS. AIS performs a deceased scrub against the data. Clients receive notifications showing which customers are deceased allowing for accurate account statusing. Clients have the ability to choose how often they want to be notified.

The Leading Source of Deceased Data

AIS collects and manages deceased data unlike any other supplier. Since certain states have discontinued providing information, or in some cases, full social security numbers to the Death Master database, we have re-engineered our deceased data collection process to capture information from additional sources. 

The Advantage of SmartMatch Technology 

AIS has an unprecedented degree of confidence in matching our deceased data to your accounts. AIS SmartMatch accurately captures previously unobtainable matches by more closely mimicking the decision processes a human would make when discerning a match. Utilizing the enhanced logic, rules, and quality controls developed by AIS, SmartMatch provides the most intelligent match results available.

  • Looks at each record as a whole to determine match potential
  • Evaluates every field in a record against our data and applies a weighted score
  • Reduces false positives resulting from traditional matching algorithms used by competitors in the industry
  • Key factor in reducing clients' manual review rate by 70%




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