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Inefficient business processes negatively impact the bottom line for any organization. Simply put, inefficiency costs your organization money, reduces quality of work and wastes valuable time.

AIS software and services streamline the tedious, error-prone processes traditionally found in recovery operations centers.

Using data-driven, machine-to-machine methodologies, AIS minimizes the amount of manual intervention often associated with reviewing dockets, filing claims, tracking adversary pleadings, processing mail, posting payments, and negotiating settlements.

We integrate information, software, business and legal processes to improve workflow and maximize operational output. AIS solutions:

  • Accurately status/update accounts using machine-to-machine capabilities
  • Streamline bankruptcy case research processes with easy-to-navigate software
  • Deliver efficiency gains through an automated claims management system
  • Reduce manual auditing activity with portfolio monitoring and docket tracking technology
  • Minimize staff touch points with proprietary case management system

In this industry, it's not uncommon to find breaks or challenges in existing recovery processes that create quality and costs issues. Our goal is to work alongside each of our clients to identify the root cause of these breaks and see where we can add strategies and efficiencies through automation and technology.

Learn how AIS Data & Analytics, Technology and Account Servicing solutions can help improve productivity and increase operational efficiency in your organization.


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