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The recent increase in government scrutiny and regulations has made it more important than ever for mortgage lenders and servicers to partner with a trusted and reliable provider like AIS.

AIS understands the complexity and delicate nature of the mortgage bankruptcy process. For years, our experts have worked alongside leading mortgage lenders and servicers to effectively address critical business problems, mapping out processes, identifying breaks and areas of risk, and proposing potential solutions.

We have demonstrated an unrivalled commitment to customer service, quality and compliance and delivered unprecedented cost savings while improving service levels with our offshore capabilities.

Our integrated suite of mortgage products and services enables you to manage your accounts in a safe and profitable manner. AIS's specialized solutions for managing mortgage portfolios are unlike any other in the market today.

Our offerings blend industry-preferred data, software and analytics with sophisticated servicing capabilities and sound legal guidance. Within our mortgage product suite, AIS has successfully:

  • Perfected mortgage Proof of Claim Filing and the complete preparation of Form 410A
  • Automated a majority of the Payment History Reconciliation / Audit Process
  • Developed a solution for handling, allocating and posting Trustee mortgage payments
When providing a full-service bankruptcy solution, AIS prepares Daily Operation Reports to notify you of "take action” account updates, delivers weekly CTQ Reports to illustrate SOW performance, and hosts Monthly Business Reviews to outline overall portfolio performance.

With mortgage lenders and servicers, it's not uncommon to find breaks or challenges in existing processes that create quality and costs issues. It’s our goal to provide superior products and services that protect your reputation, lower your operational costs, and bring extensive value to your organization.

AIS Solutions frequently utilized by the Mortgage industry:

Bankruptcy Account Services

  • POC Prep (410A) & Filing
  • Transfer of Claim Filing
  • Proof of Claim Amendment
  • Pencil Ledgers/Reconciliations
  • Plan Review
  • Payment Change Notification
  • Notice of Address Change
  • Notice of Final Cure Response
  • Post-Petition Fee Notice
  • Bankruptcy Monitoring and Notification
  • Bankruptcy Event Tracking
  • AIS Online - Bankruptcy Case Search
  • Reaffirmation Attainment
  • Cradle-to-Grave Account Servicing

Other Back Ofice Support Services

  • MFR and Plan Objection Form Preparation
  • Trustee Network Coordination and Communication
  • Title Review, Analysis and Escalation
  • Title Claim Letter Preparation
  • Non-judicial Foreclosure Document Preparation
  • Judicial-Required Pleading Preparation
  • Assignment Preparation





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