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AIS is committed to delivering high-quality solutions, on time and at a great value. To provide world-class customer service, we employ bright, motivated individuals who understand our clients and how our products and services solve their problems. The AIS Customer Experience is built on four cultural pillars: Quality, Ownership, Integrity and Adaptability.


AIS takes pride in the quality of its products and services. We work tirelessly to fulfill the requirements defined by the clients we support. We believe in giving our clients a clear line of sight into the work that’s being done. We provide reporting and dashboards so clients can be confident that service level agreements and quality objectives are being met.


We own our side of every partnership, holding each team member accountable for their performance. We aim to achieve lasting success by making client priorities, our priorities. We reward legitimate success and forgive understandable failure but always with a pledge of doing the right thing.


We strive to be a trusted partner. We stand behind what we say and operate with honesty and complete transparency, never sacrificing long-term value for short-term outcomes. Our good character has helped us successfully serve our clients for over 20 years. It defines who we are as an organization and continues to guide the actions we take each day when supporting our clients.


We adapt as our client’s goals and critical initiatives change. Our Client Relationship Managers spend most of their time at the client’s site, working alongside our partners to align our products and services to their dynamic business needs. We attempt to head off problems before they occur and we constantly search for new ideas and methods to meet their needs.




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