With data collection roots reaching back as far as 1990, we clearly understand the importance of delivering accurate and timely data in an easy-to-consume format. Over the past 25 years, our team has developed a proven set of standards and procedures that ensures our data quality meets the most exacting customer requirements.


We own and control databases that continue to outperform others in the market and serve as valuable resources for helping clients make critical business decisions.

Bankruptcy Data

AIS is the leading supplier of bankruptcy information. We own and control the industry-preferred bankruptcy database which has proven to be significantly superior to others in the market, in terms of file depth and quality.

AIS collects all available information for every case dating back to 1948. Updated daily, our database utilizes a direct connection to the Federal Bankruptcy Court System to retrieve all new filings and updates to cases in progress.

We capture every docket, for every case, every day…as well as claims register and creditor matrix data. Data quality, currency, and completeness are constantly monitored using 263 quality control points and business rule checks. We also enhance court data by appending full Social Security Numbers and a complete debtor address history to improve our ability to match our data to our client’s customers.

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Deceased Data

AIS collects and manages deceased data unlike any other supplier. We’ve developed a new Deceased Index to serve as an improved alternative to the eroded Social Security Death Master file (DMF). This database is unique, in terms of depth and timeliness.

In addition to the baseline DMF data, AIS aggregates information from additional sources like Probate Courts and Obituaries. Information is appended with unique social security numbers using a variety of public databases to enhance match quality and improve confidence. This also allows for more timely notifications.

For clients who are solely interested in monitoring probate activity, we have developed a stand-alone probate database that’s driven by electronic and in-person data collection procedures. Our courthouse presence and unique data gathering strategies give our clients access to information that’s often difficult to obtain.

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We specialize in data integration and understand the importance of agility and flexibility when it comes to securely delivering information into a client’s IT environment.

In 2019, AIS released its Data One product, a cloud-ready system that allows clients to receive critical information without sending customer data outside of their firewall. This delivery method has been tested and implemented at some of the largest financial institutions in the country.

Learn more about AIS Data One.

We also offer a Store & Forward delivery model where clients transmit a file to be securely housed at AIS. The file is processed daily and a return file is sent to the client containing the requested information.

For time sensitive projects like pre- and post-sale analysis or regulatory audits, our clients can utilize an on-demand batch process to upload a file for scrubbing. Customer information is not retained and the client receives a return file containing the requested information.

Additionally, we offer real-time access to our data via API/XML Web Services.


AIS has invested heavily in developing our proprietary matching logic, SmartMatch. We’ve spent 15 years testing and calibrating SmartMatch to ensure our clients have the utmost confidence in our ability to match our information to their Customers.

Our logic mimics the decision processes a human would make when discerning a match and provides the most intelligent match results in the industry. Each component of our client’s Customer record is analyzed (ie Name, Address, SSN) and scored. We also apply further logic to examine special situations like root names, word sounds, gender, generation, and geography.

AIS SmartMatch Technology:

  • Looks at each record as a whole to determine match potential
  • Evaluates every field in a record against our data and applies a weighted score
  • Minimizes false positive hit rates and reduces manual review rate by 90%


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