AIS Data One is a cloud-ready system that allows clients to acquire information regarding a particular customer without sending the customer’s data outside of their IT environment.

Today, Data One gives clients direct access to bankruptcy and deceased information for consumers and businesses. However, the system was designed to incorporate additional data assets that our clients value.

Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA), Skip Tracing, Credit Bureau, Vehicle Registration, and Real Estate are just a few public record data sets that can be deployed through Data One.


Data One can be installed in java, .net SQL environment or virtually any technology platform in the industry.Copies of our proprietary databases, which are synched daily, reside behind a client’s firewall allowing them to safely:

  • Monitor portfolios for the latest bankruptcy and deceased activity
  • Utilize AIS’s proprietary SmartMatch logic to match records to Customers
  • Keep a historical log of all matched records and notifications

Key bankruptcy notifications (Petition, Discharge, Dismissal, Close, Termination, Transfer, Re-open, Conversion) are pushed directly from Data One to the client’s system of record and flagged at the Customer level.

Client-specific business rules can also be created to capture information listed in bankruptcy docket entries and/or bankruptcy court documents.

A similar process is run inside the client’s IT environment to identify deceased consumer information such as Decedent Name, Decedent SSN and Data of Death.


  • Direct access to AIS’s proprietary bankruptcy database and Deceased Index
  • Applies AIS SmartMatch technology to maximize matching accuracy
  • Increases your organization’s ability to safeguard Customer information
  • Lowers data costs by consolidating providers with a single-source solution
  • Offers enterprise-level scalability and customization
  • Avoids common risk and compliance challenges associated with third-party data providers


Data One is designed to meet stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Data delivery solution unlike any other in the industry 
  • Allows clients to update data on their customers without sending information outside of their firewalls
  • Clients have direct control of their customers’ information, ensuring maximum security and data privacy while limiting vendor exposure


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