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Improve your organization’s ability to locate, verify and status deceased customers with AIS Deceased Monitoring and Identification.

Our deceased data gives our clients the ability to confidently position consumers for the handling of their affairs, ensuring regulatory compliance and limiting reputational risk.


Clients have the option to transmit or access deceased data in a variety of ways. 

  • Data One:  A cloud-ready system that resides behind a client’s firewall, clients receive decedent information without sending customer data outside of their IT environment.
  • Store & Forward:  Clients transmit a file to be securely housed at AIS, processed daily and returned with decedent information.
  • Batch:  Clients utilize an on-demand process to upload a file for scrubbing, where customer information is not retained and a file is returned with decedent information.
  • AIS Online:  Clients can perform one-off searches in our web-based portal to locate and verify decedents
  • API/XML:  Real-time access to deceased data can be provided via Web services

Our newly-enhanced Deceased Index captures three times as many records as the Social Security Administration (SSA) on an annual basis. 

We monitor client portfolios daily for deceased activity. Using our proprietary SmartMatch technology, we confidently match deceased records to client records and notify them electronically so they can properly status the account and take the appropriate action.


  • Supplements SSA data with information from Probate Courts and Obituaries
  • Statuses accounts quickly to prevent collection efforts against decedents
  • Confidently validates account status before and after debt sales
  • Enables marketing suppression to stop others from applying in a decedent's name
  • Reduces dollars lost from clawbacks or reclamations


In 2011, the SSA Death Master File began excluding state records which drastically reduced the depth of the database.

As a result, AIS re-engineered its processes and built a more comprehensive database by tapping in to additional data sources.

Our deceased solution is unique, in terms of data depth and timeliness, delivery capabilities and matching accuracy.

  • Covers 98% of annual deaths reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • 89% of records are collected within 2 weeks of Date of Death
  • On-premise capabilities minimize risk associated with other data providers
  • Matching accuracy eliminates time and people required for manual reviews 


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