AIS Online is a web-based application that allows users to conduct real-time searches to validate if consumers or businesses have filed for bankruptcy. You can also review bankruptcy docket entries and download court documents. 


AIS Online connects directly to our proprietary bankruptcy database, which pulls new filings and case updates from PACER on a daily basis.

After entering your search criteria, all critical case information and court documents are accessible in three clicks or less, allowing users to work smarter and faster when servicing bankrupt loans.

A summarized case sheet, creditor matrix, claims register, docket history and court document library are all viewable for each case.

Docket monitoring work queues are also available through the Event Tracking tab. AIS captures every docket entry, on every case, every day.

Powered by key word logic, Event Tracking scans docket entries and places critical docket matters into department or process-based work queues so the client can review and take immediate action.

The Event Tracking tab and Case Information tab are fully integrated so users can easily move from one to the other. 


  • Functionality for searching by Name, Full SSN, Loan/Account Number, and/or Property Address
  • Access to Creditor Matrix and Claims Register
  • Administrative tools for managing and tracking usage by user and/or department
  • Event Tracking QC process ensures that our clients will only receive events that impact their loans
  • Dashboard provides view of team/user productivity to address event back logs
  • Integrates with AIS Deceased Index so users can also conduct searches to verify if an individual is deceased



AIS Online is an easy-to-navigate interface that gives users access to quality data while allowing them to work faster and more efficiently. 

  • Up to 30% cheaper than other docket monitoring products in the market
  • Average of 20% cost save thanks to inter-company document sharing capability
  • 71% of users found AIS Online to be more efficient than other online products
  • 81% of users would recommend AIS Online to other bankruptcy departments


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