AIS works with financial firms to deploy strategies that accelerate business growth and profitability through innovative workforce and technology solutions.


Banks continuously face challenges to reduce overhead costs and improve operational efficiencies.  With regulations growing, compliance management has strained resources and data integration, security and accuracy has never been so critical.  Business models are changing and banks are feeling pressure, as traditional sources of profitability are waning. For financial institutions to achieve sustainable success, they must be agile and continuously innovate.


AIS offers strategic outsourcing solutions to help financial institutions deal with profitability targets, regulatory pressures and market difficulties. Our services drive business performance with lower cost, better quality and faster delivery. We manage the day-to-day work so our banking clients can focus on growing their business.

We equip banking decision makers with forward-thinking data integration, loan servicing and legal solutions that maximize profitability and produce greater service quality. We are focused on understanding your business priorities, helping you not only manage risks and business outcomes more effectively, but also delivering sustainable performance and success.

Blending digital and human capabilities, AIS offers a complete suite of staffing and workforce services across a variety of banking processes and platforms. AIS can meet project-based or full-time staffing requirements in several specialized areas:

  • Deposit Operations
  • Treasury Operations
  • Loan Operations
  • Default Operations
  • Finance
  • Credit Admin
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Mortgage
  • Information Technology


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