Filing a Proof of Claim (POC) can be an intimidating and complex task. Creditors are obligated to meet court-specific requirements for claim submission, manage formal objections, not to mention stay in compliance with the latest rule changes. AIS has developed a proprietary claims management system that optimizes the claim filing process, ensuring that all claims are filed with supporting documentation in an accurate, timely and automated fashion.


AIS is currently the largest filer of bankruptcy proofs of claim in the country, filing over 2 million claims since 2009. Our POC engine files over 1,000 claims per hour but has unlimited scalability. In order to ensure a claim is valid, 12 different electronic audits were developed. These steps ensure the claim is accurate and provides the necessary information for filing.

After a claim is filed, AIS stores all digital receipts from the court indefinitely so these can be viewed or returned to the client.

  • Software handles formatting and direct electronic delivery of proofs of claims to all courts
  • Files claims on chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13s
  • Client can review, sign and upload to the courts each claim prepared by AIS via the AIS on-line system
  • AIS monitors for objections and correspondence that can impact a claim
  • System allows amendments or withdrawals of previously filed POCs


AIS has retained leading experts from the legal, regulatory and legislative sectors. Our claim filing process factors in the intelligence gained from these experts, in order to protect your brand. We constantly review cases, investigations, news articles and objections and identify new areas of concern and then assess the risk and update our procedures.

  • SOCII and PCI compliant operations
  • Process analyzed and reviewed by bankruptcy court staff and judges
  • Rule 3001 capable and compliant
  • Performs previous discharge analysis/scrubs and claim validation
  • First servicer to scrub for out of statute claims
  • Objection rate < 1%, Requests for additional information < 1%


AIS offers a claims administration solution designed to automate and enhance the probate recovery process by matching your accounts to open probated estates and systematically filing accurate and timely claims on your behalf.

  • Monitors and performs routine scrubs of client portfolio to identify all probate matches
  • Proprietary SmartMatch technology provides superior matching logic
  • Systematically generates claim form and confirms county-specific filing requirements are met
  • Files claims prior to mandatory deadlines, tracks for disallowances and executor payments
  • Deploys innovative follow-up procedures to ensure clients receive their fair share of distribution
  • Overcomes common legal obstacles that negatively impact liquidation

  • Compliance - Decreases human error/quality controls issues from manually filing POCs
  • Workflow Efficiency - Streamlines process to decrease likelihood of missed filing deadlines
  • Cost Savings - Reduces FTE requirement for manual POC processing

Superior Matching Secrets
Learn about SmartMatch
Superior Matching Secrets
Learn about SmartMatch
Superior Matching Secrets
Learn about SmartMatch




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